Don’t post every day!

Unless you want to (and I’ll bet you don’t)

A very wise blog post by Fiona Voss is getting some attention over on (a site that I’ve been using as an alternative to Twitter for the past 15 months). It’s “A blog is not a commitment”, and here’s a taste:

I’ve seen people who said the reason they haven’t started a blog is because they know they’d abandon it and feel guilty. I’ve heard people dismiss the very idea of blogging, saying that it serves no purpose except to make bloggers feel guilty for not posting often enough. This is a shame, because it means there are people with thoughts they want to share with the world who aren’t sharing them!

You can find some of the reaction to Fiona’s post on Ton Zijlstra’s blog and in this conversation on I particularly like smokey’s comment:

I always bristle at the “you have to post every day” school of blog advice

It’s because I’ve seen plenty of that kind of advice here on Medium that I thought it would be worthwhile to share Fiona’s post here.

Writer of (mainly short) fiction, criticism/discussion and other stuff; aphantasic; antimasculine male, no pronoun preference

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