I don’t believe I’ve got prosopagnosia, yet a lot of this was familiar to me. I tend not to recognize people out of context, which can be embarrassing. (I’ve even, disconcertingly, failed to recognize myself in photographs.) But a lot of the time, I’m not conscious of using context in this way.

Changed hairstyles, caps, a suddenly missing or new beard are also a big problem.

Yes, very much so. I confuse people with others, even though they don’t look alike. I’m often unsure whether I’m speaking to the person I think I’m speaking to. I couldn’t describe someone (still less draw them) to save my life.

In my case, I’m sure it has to do with my lack of a visual imagination or memory. I don’t remember what people look like because I simply don’t “store” memories in a visual form.

I’ve heard of people who see a blank where another person’s face is. I definitely don’t suffer from face-blindness in this sense. It’s more that I don’t have a memory for faces, so I can’t compare the appearance of the person I’m looking at with a stored image of that person.

Writer of (mainly short) fiction, criticism/discussion and other stuff; I discovered in my late 50s that I’m aphantasic https://www.artkavanagh.ie

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