I tried to replicate your layout using em spaces at the start of indented lines. For a few seconds, it looked as if that was going to work but then Medium shrank them all to (I guess) ordinary spaces or perhaps non-breaking spaces. Very frustrating. I can’t imagine that it would take more than a little tweak of the editor to get it to handle em and en spaces correctly—which would obviously make life a bit easier for versifiers.

I know that you’re aware of the following, Mike, but some Medium poets aren’t, so for their benefit:

You can make a
line break (as
distinct from a
paragraph break)
with no space between the lines
by pressing Shift-Return
(instead of just Return).

Writer of (mainly short) fiction, criticism/discussion and other stuff; I discovered in my late 50s that I’m aphantasic https://www.artkavanagh.ie

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