“experts” telling people to use the largely irrelevant platform Google+ as a replacement for a blog. Please don’t do that. Use Medium.

Interesting point of view. I post my more substantial pieces of writing—things that I hope will have a longer shelf-life—on Medium, but most of my more ephemeral stuff goes on Google+ (including links to whatever I post on Medium). Google+’s metrics don’t break down to the level of the post but, on average, my G+ posts seem to get seen by a lot more people than anything I post anywhere else except sometimes Twitter. I put that down to G+ posts having greater visibility in Google search results.

I wouldn’t recommend using Google+ as your exclusive blog-substitute but in conjunction with Medium it has an important role to play.

Writer of (mainly short) fiction, criticism/discussion and other stuff; I discovered in my late 50s that I’m aphantasic https://www.artkavanagh.ie

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