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My newsletter is dead but that shouldn’t impede your search for something good to read

About a month ago, I wrote that I’m discontinuing my Short Fiction on Medium newsletter. I didn’t want to leave the readers of the newsletter in the lurch, so this is my attempt to suggest ways in which they (you) can continue to find excellent short fiction on the platform.

Most of the authors whose work I have previously recommeded continue to publish on Medium. You can find links to their stories and their profiles on the three pages I’ve used as the newsletter’s archive:

There are also two posts in which I’ve tried to identify some of the best short fiction writers on Medium. They list the authors whose stories have appeared in the newsletter more than once:

These two posts bring the story up to the end of June 2018. Since June, two more authors have made a second appearance, and should therefore be added to the list. They are Georgia Lewitt and emma poe, and both are well worth reading.

Edit: I’ve removed the reference to my Mix collection, “Short fiction on Medium”, as this is no longer available. I’ve deactivated my Mix account.

There are many other profiles and individuals you could follow on Medium to keep up with some of the new fiction which is constantly appearing on the platform. I’ve aggregated the RSS fields from The Junction, Lit Up, P.S. I Love You and The Weekly Knob and if you use an RSS reader (which I’d recommend) you can subscribe to the aggregated feed here. (Not everything in this feed will be fiction but I’m sure you’ll find all of it rewarding.)

Each month, Mark Starlin posts links to the best reads he’s found on Medium. You should follow him to get up-to-date, regular reading recommendations. You can find his most recent set (at the time of writing) here:

Finally, Medium has recently split the former “Lit” topic in two, creating one topic for Fiction and another for Poetry. This is the one for Fiction:

Thanks for reading so far. I’m sure you’ll continue to find a lot of exciting fiction on Medium and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

I’ve just put together a list of my own fiction on Medium, hoping that the stories will be easier to find if they’re not all mixed up with my posts on various topics. There are several short stories, a novella and a novel and they’re all free to read.

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