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I’m sorry to say that it’s three weeks since I sent out an issue of my supposedly weekly newsletter, . My day job has been a bit more demanding than usual and over the past few months and there was another claim on my time which has now ended. So, I’m just about to get back to regular weekly posting, with apologies for my lassitude.

One of the difficulties with sending out a newsletter like this is that I don’t want to end up recommending the same authors over and over again. Finding new authors to recommend hasn’t been a problem but there’s a risk that the really top writers will lose visibility because I won’t have recommended anything by them recently. I was reminded of this when reading a recent piece by Felicia C O’Sullivan in which .

In the I listed a “top ten” of authors two of whose stories had been recommended in the newsletter. That top ten has now become a top eleven, with the addition of a second story from Snippets (Hengtee Lim). I’d like to reproduce the list here, as a reminder that, when I include a story by a particular writer, I’m usually not recommending just one story but rather a broader body of work. That’s certainly the case with these writers:

Dan Belmont, Anna Breslin, Alexandro Chen, Sarah Goldsmith, Dan Moore, Lizella Prescott, Snippets, Felicia C. Sullivan, Stephen M. Tomic, Hannah Whiteoak and Aura Wilming

Look out for a new issue of the newsletter in the next day or so. Here is . And this is .

[Update 16 July 2018:] I’ve of favourite writers on Medium.

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