Thanks for responding, Rachel (and for reading). If you’re intrigued to know what the technology is, I’d encourage you to read on, at least for a bit.

When the whole thing is posted, it will run to about 33 parts, of which I’ve posted 15 so far. I’ve hidden (i.e. unlisted) all except the first and the most recently posted parts, so the hidden ones don’t clog up my profile and won’t show up in search results. Each time I post a new part, I make the preceding one unlisted.

Each part has a link at the end to the next part and, at the beginning, to the first part and the Contents list (which is also unlisted). That might sound a bit confusing, but I hope people will be able to find their way around it.

I’ll delete Medium profile end June 2021, then these posts will move to my own site: |Newsletter:

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