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I’m going to deactivate my Twitter account, probably permanently. I’ve recently and I don’t want to between several different sites which are doing much the same kind of thing.

Also, I think I’m inclined to move away from sites with too pronounced a “social” element. doesn’t have features like retweets, likes or hashtags and doesn’t display a follower count (even to the person being followed). Because of this, the site stands a good chance of avoiding the distractions and annoyances of Twitter.

If you’d like to know what I’m up to but don’t want to sign up for, one possibility would be to , or simply .

As I said, I think I’m moving away from social sites. An obvious exception to this is Medium, which has definite social elements such as follower counts and applause/approval, as well as comments on stories. In practice, however, I tend to ignore the follower counts and I find the applause useful, if of secondary importance to the page views and read counts.

Apart from Medium and, I’m concentrating my attention on , a . I have about 9 collections on Mix, most of them having to do with fiction, literature and writing. For example, one is called “” and another contains links to (on sites other than ).

Update: , in December 2019, and I’ve been and more .

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Writer of (mainly short) fiction, criticism/discussion and other stuff; aphantasic; antimasculine male, no pronoun preference

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