That’s always been my problem—thinking too small. I suppose I had in mind people who were at least semi-retired or in part-time work. But I was also assuming (perhaps unrealistically) that a smaller group might be less likely to suffer from personality clashes or strong policy disagreements.

As regards marketing/promotion, I think the problem a lot of authors have is not that they’re unwilling to spend the time but that they’ve no idea what would be effective. Social media is a bust: what I said about Goodreads applies equally (with the necessary changes of detail) to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and whatever you’re having yourself. The cost per copy of print-on-demand books is (I believe) too high to make any kind of “in person” promotion realistic.

And maybe I was wrong about the new gatekeepers not having emerged yet. Maybe there’s only one and it’s already here. Maybe it’s Bookbub.

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