Very good point about different genres. It’s more obvious on a site like Wattpad where the stories are categorized by genre. Here, where it may not be obvious till you start to read it that a story is a Romance, or a dystopian YA tale etc., the difference may not be as pronounced.

You’re absolutely right about the importance of applauding, recommending and supporting and generally trying to raise the profile of the writing that is to be found here. I myself haven’t been giving the maximum number of claps — I tend to clap 5 to 8 times — but I can see that if 10 people clap 50 times, it looks like a bigger deal than if the same 10 people clap 10 times each, even though the story has the same number of fans. (Because I “click” by tapping on the trackpad, holding it down has no effect and tapping repeatedly causes the pointer to drift off the target. I’m going to have to think about this!)

Thank you for the considered response. You’re right about the fast-moving targets. An inability to foresee the future has always been a significant handicap but it’s a particular nuisance in the present circumstances.

Writer of (mainly short) fiction, criticism/discussion and other stuff; I discovered in my late 50s that I’m aphantasic

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